is an innovative content-generating platform utilising machine learning (ML) and neural networks (NN). distinguishes itself as a content-generating platform using ML and NN to produce highly relevant content matching the tone of voice of brands and publisher sites. The platform can generate thousands of unique, accurate pages of content, aimed at scaling content in real-time to enhance traffic and monetisation without replacing human content writers.

The latest version of the product, v.3.0, brings enhanced capabilities, setting the stage for further growth and innovation.’s mission is not only to meet market demands but to exceed customer expectations by providing seamless, high-quality content output.

Neonify Ltd is based in Brighton, utilising Brighton University Innovation Hub in the newly created digital and creative centre of the city.

Founded in early 2021 by Jason Baker, CEO, a hands-on, passionate leader and entrepreneur providing a wealth of experience and knowledge across all media channels.

Our flagship product uses Artificial Intelligence to enable, scale, curate and enhance content and data for brands and publishers.

Our mission is to leverage the huge developments in AI technology we have had in the last few years and create something unique, disruptive, and scalable and empower customers to achieve their goals. owns the first and only bespoke, turnkey technology utilising the SaaS model and AI that provide all the solutions required in all industries. acts to amplify search rankings, site footprint, and accelerated traffic, meaning we significantly increase our audience reach and revenue outcomes for clients.


Steve Rackley – Silicon Brighton

Traction and Validation


Accelerated page impressions
= dramatically increased revenues for clients


Accelerated content. video and podcast pages served PCM


Years of MarTech (marketing technology) experience


Data objects accelerated
(data on websites sand social media)