Case Study – any app or publisher

Scenario: Any Travel, Finance, Automotive Food, Entertainments or in fact any publisher would like to enhance their site at scale with unique relevant trending content or draw in premium content from trending articles, videos and podcasts.  They need to enhance their App and/or web offering with more relevant content at scale.


  • Enrich and scale each individual site’s pages and content.
  • Increase site footprint and enhance pages with data and content.
Publisher Solutions

The Result

  • Custom and curated Newsfeed
  • News, self-help articles, stories, articles,
    recipes, product, images
  • Custom and curated Podcasts
  • Custom and curated Videos
  • Curated and filtered/whitelist blog content
  • Increased community engagement
  • Tailored non-intrusive customised notifications to users for different content types

Increase engagement and create a relationship via their website with the customers by giving them a one-stop shop for all things dedicated to their site.